Andrew Skeet


Should sites always respond? (also, new album out soon!). Simple and elegant 3 page WordPress theme with soundcloud and vimeo integration. The photograph and designs are by Paul Chessel. Andrew is a composer for television & film as well as an arranger and conductor. Listen to some of his stuff on the site! He’s good! So good … [Read more…]

Waverley Financial – Private

Trading, announcements, tickets and user management made totally monochrome. Laravel based web application for managing users, replying to support tickets, sending announcements and trade examples and setting a ‘watch list’ of stocks. Once customers have signed up through the Waverley financial homepage, customers get access to the ‘traders lounge’ – basically a members only website … [Read more…]

Waverley Financial – Public


How to look like a bank without having anything to do with banks. Rotating background images, alternate front page design, payment provider integration. Designs by Stu Mason! Waverley Financial offer a stocks and shares training programme for people looking to get involved in the options market. They wanted something that looks reliable and financial. Totally … [Read more…]



Synergy has taken to social media like a duck to water, and it’s been exciting to watch. A information and signup website including webinar sign ups, newsletter sign up and calendar. Designs by Stu Mason! Claire is a published, driven and well qualified veterinary nurse that offers CPD sessions to other veterinary nurses around the … [Read more…]