WordPress Plugin for Code Highlighting

$Compute shader syntax highlighting v1-1 preview

I couldn’t find a suitable code highlighting plugin for WordPress. I wanted simple features, e.g. keeping line breaks, some syntax highlighting, possibly line numbers, basically something a little better than HTML5’s <code> tag (which just adds a monospace font) but nothing too heavy. After a quick search I found highlight.js, an awesome little javascript library that even has a couple of CDN’s … [Read more…]

Words That Count


Elegant, Simple & Good looking – Enough about me…(also, a new book out soon!) A professional, easy to use website that focuses on what’s important. Designs and branding by Dark Blue. I cannot wait to have a read of ‘Bacardi Nights’! Lisa is an experienced French and Spanish translator, proofreader, writer, and executive assistant, based … [Read more…]

No Ordinary Conversation


Capturing a businesses tone of voice isn’t easy. Capturing a personality? A good looking scroller with plenty of room to grow.  This WordPress theme was made to reflect the owners personality and that is not an easy thing to do. Designs by Dark Blue & Stuart Norman. Stuart Norman is a trans formative coach, taking his … [Read more…]

Shopify shops, subcategories, tags and SEO

Shopify Homepage

Collections within collections? How do you get sub categories? Shopify is great! Let’s just get that out the way nice and early. It’s been a pleasure to use. Let’s do some clarification of Shopify terms; products are ‘Products’ (amazingly). Products can be tagged with ‘Tags’ with descriptive information, such as ‘black’ or ‘small’. Products are … [Read more…]

Laracasts and Laravel 5


Want to brush up on your Laravel? Or PHP? Jeffrey Way has your back. Since laravel 3 I’ve been so incredibly impressed with the framework. I’ve tried many, CodeIgniter, Zend, Yii, all very impressive, but not quite as sexy as Laravel. This community is amazing, Composer? Amazing. Documentation? Amazing. Before I discovered Laravel I was … [Read more…]

Dark Blue


Fitzrovia’s newest Creative Agency is something very special. A-players only. I’ve been lucky enough to work on some contracts with Dark Blue recently and it’s been so invigorating to be among A-players. It really makes me want to pick up my game and reminds me why I love this industry so much. Dark Blue’s owner … [Read more…]