Synergy has taken to social media like a duck to water, and it’s been exciting to watch.

A information and signup website including webinar sign ups, newsletter sign up and calendar. Designs by Stu Mason!

SynergyCPD home page screenshot

Did you know images of animals require the owners permission before they are used?

Claire is a published, driven and well qualified veterinary nurse that offers CPD sessions to other veterinary nurses around the country, this includes on site, seminars and webinars.

The site is a simple if busy WordPress + Twitter Bootstrap that allows users to make paypal purchases for webinars and a ‘pocket pouch’. It includes some general information, contact and links to some of the publications Claire has had.

One of the things that has really stood out for me with Claire is her use of social media. For me, integrating and showing you how to use twitter and facebook are really very simple. A huge majority of users already know how to use them – perhaps for personal use rather than marketing, but still they have the apps on their phones and browse them on a daily basis.

But here is what happens – usually nothing. The twitter account has an initial burst of activity and then nothing for months on end. The Facebook page will have one post then nothing. You know what looks worse than having no social integration? Having stale social integration.

Claire constantly updates her twitter account and facebook with news, fun stuff, images, articles of interest – using it properly and giving her business and personal touch. This generates business. Let me make that clear – social media, done right and often, generates business for your company – and the proof is right here. Go Claire!

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