Shopify shops, subcategories, tags and SEO

Collections within collections? How do you get sub categories?

Shopify is great! Let’s just get that out the way nice and early. It’s been a pleasure to use.

Shopify Collections

Look how sassy the shopify support team are!

Let’s do some clarification of Shopify terms; products are ‘Products’ (amazingly). Products can be tagged with ‘Tags’ with descriptive information, such as ‘black’ or ‘small’. Products are kept in ‘Collections’. For example: I have a man’s Purple T-Shirt.

So that would be:

  • Collection: T-Shirt
  • Tags: Purple,
  • Product: Purple T-Shirt

With that in mind I could also have that same product in the collections: FrontPage, Menswear, etc…

What’s is a little more challenging here is, I want to list by ‘Tag’ and associate a description to it.  I want to list all items that are Purple in T Shirts and I want a little blurb on how the Purple is created by the pollen of a mythical Himalayan mountain plant; there is no where to apply that blurb?

A little frustrating.  If I find a solution, I will update this post.


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