No Ordinary Conversation

Capturing a businesses tone of voice isn’t easy. Capturing a personality?

A good looking scroller with plenty of room to grow.  This WordPress theme was made to reflect the owners personality and that is not an easy thing to do. Designs by Dark Blue & Stuart Norman.

No Ordinary Conversation

Arrrgh! This man is being attacked by a tiny person! Help him!

Stuart Norman is a trans formative coach, taking his clients on an exploration into their lives and the world around them; he endeavours to unleash their true potential into the world!

This site is made to grow with Stuarts new business. During our discussion on what is important, we decided a Blog section, Events and Videos were the best place to start. There was also a need to have a newsletter sign up. Each of these sections have 3 front page items and an infinite number of Pinterest style on the sub pages.

Here’s the kicker: WordPress made all these things an absolute cinch; MailChimp newsletter management integrates quickly and easily and is so good I can’t stop recommending it to people with any sort of email list. Videos? Vimeo and Youtube are accepted as standard by the latest WordPress and the Blog? That’s why WordPress exists!

I love the name of this website. What a domain!

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