LK Hair Studio

Masonry.js is a lifesaver and it’s right there in the default WordPress install waiting for you!

Nice and simple two page wordpress theme using the masonry.js library to display posts. The photography and designs are by Paul Chessel.

The 'pinterest' style is done using a library called 'masonry'. FYI.

The ‘pinterest’ style is done using a library called ‘masonry’. FYI.

Laura and Kaye’s ethos is to provide healthy, positive treatments to our clients and we are committed to using only the purest of ingredients. Their emphasis on natural shines right through site.

Love that pinterest style look? It’s actually built into WordPress, and so is an absolute ease to implement in themes. So easy I did a 10-line-tutorial on it for you to take a look.

WordPress theme development doesn’t really get cleaner than this. Very bespoke, very simple and yet you know this is a professional site. I love creating themes like this – they materialise quickly, are a joy to develop, they fit with WordPress like a glove and scale with the business very easily.

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