Dark Blue

Fitzrovia’s newest Creative Agency is something very special. A-players only.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some contracts with Dark Blue recently and it’s been so invigorating to be among A-players. It really makes me want to pick up my game and reminds me why I love this industry so much.

They are dark blue.

They are dark blue.

Dark Blue’s owner has created a couple of amazing looking designs for me recently – namely wordsthatcount and noordinaryconversation (I love that name!) and taken me on as a freelance developer for some really nice looking sites he’s currently got in the works.

The stuff I am working on is currently under development, but I can say is: Shopify – where have you been all my life? I am having absolute joy putting a site together using it. Although it was a close tie between Woocommerce (WordPress ecommerce themes and plugins) and Shopify, I’m so glad we’ve gone with Shopify.

Apart from soaking up the particular London based creative energy from Dark Blue, I have also been given the opportunity to explore some new and exciting technologies.

On one of my trips to the city I was very close to getting an insect based lunch (I regret not getting it now), I’ve become acquainted with the Seven Dials area and I’ve also found the Timberyard does insanely good coffee and has a brilliant working atmosphere, especially for freelancers.

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